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In addition to being villa vacation experts and creators of Five-Star Villa Vacations™, Private Trade Winds is a full-service travel agency.

One of the unique benefits of booking villa travel with Private Trade Winds is our extended travel and concierge services. With each villa booking you can enjoy the assistance of a travel advisor to help you get to your destination and plan your concierge activities. Fees apply. If you are a frequent traveler, we offer annual Preferred Travel Plans that can help save you MONEY and TIME. On-line and personalized service is available.

Travel Services
Having a great vacation home or finding a great destination is only half of the picture. We can save you time in finding the right vacation destination and residence. We can help get you there, and we can help you enjoy the experience while you're there. Through our state-of-the-art booking engine or personal travel agent, you will have your flights and transportation scheduled according to your personal preferences. In addition, when you want to take a short weekend trip, embark on a cruise adventure, escape to the wine country, or plan a birthday, anniversary or special celebration, you can have a dedicated person to help you with all the details. Never again will you have to search for the "ideal travel agent" to help you plan your trip. In addition, a myriad of ideas can be found at our website where they're only a click away. Be creative; enjoy life and the road less traveled! When you choose our personalized service option, you are assigned a dedicated travel agent to attend to all your travel needs. Our affiliations provide our clients with the finest in luxury travel including additional benefits such as room upgrades, limo transfer, and special amenities from complementary meals to private tours. Being a Private Trade Winds client distinguishes you as a preferred traveler, and earns you recognition from the world's finest travel providers.

As a private travel service, our Travel Advisors only work with clients who have purchased our travel plans, allowing us to provide more effective and personal service than is typical in the travel industry. In addition, we are a non-commission based leisure agency, and our Executive Travel Advisors are compensated as such, allowing them to focus on clients rather than worrying about earning commissions. Our Travel Plans are designed to meet all of our clients needs throughout the year, completely eliminating the hassles of travel planning from their busy lives, and allowing them to focus on enjoying the trips themselves.

Our corporate travel division offers innovative and cost-effective solutions for business travel planning, corporate retreats, incentive travel opportunities and more.

Home Away from Home
In an effort to provide unparalleled service within the world of "Vacation Home Trades and Rentals," we are pleased to offer you the ability to make some of your favorite vacation destinations a home. We hope that your stay will allow for unlimited relaxation and recreation. If you desire to return again on a more regular basis, we suggest you leave behind any items of clothing, toiletries and kitchen dry goods that you would enjoy again on your next visit. We will store them in portable storage units with appropriate identification for future retrieval. It's a great way on short notice to say - "Let's Go" and leave without packing.

Award Point Management
Are you one of those people that have airline, hotel, and car rental miles scattered all over the place? Do you have account numbers for everyone in your family, but can't ever find them when you need them? Do you have large balances that you never use because it is just too much of a hassle? Are your miles expiring? We have the solution just for you. We have created a system to help you enjoy the benefit of miles accumulation. Depending on the service contract you choose, you can manage your miles on-line or have your personal travel agent handle them. Our travel agents will advise you on whether to purchase tickets or use your miles. It is just one more way that Private Trade Winds is here to make your life easier.

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